A Little Bit Scary

By Kirsen Watkins

You may think that Kevin is a little bit scary,but...

  • He so sweet and very hugable!
  • He is very athletic and sweats a lot.
  • He can play a lot of instuments

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Kevin's Good Deeds

  • Kevin will give $10 to people on a sidewalk who look poor.
  • Kevin will play guitar for people.
  • Kevin give concerts for and magic shows for people.

Kevin's Family

  • Kevin has two older sisters and one younger, and his sisters names are Kirsen and Kaelin and his brothers name is Keith.
  • Kirsen is 9.
  • Kaelin is 5.
  • Keith is 2.
  • Kevin is 8.
  • Kevin's mom's name is Alison and Kevin's dad's name Kirk.