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Shout Outs!!

Shout out to Gailanne for always finding the (many) books I need...she's super-fast! --Erika

Shout out to Penny Lowe for taking over my morning duty when it was freezing outside. We so appreciate that! --Erika

Shout out to Jodi for making 2nd grade testing labels within minutes of me asking. She's super-fast too! --Erika

A great big thank you to Kim Slack for helping me set up my two computer screens again. Jennie

Rachel and all the UIL coaches for a job well done! Mary

Shout out to Jodi for organizing and delivering the treats for the maintenance department! Bowles

Shout out to everyone who brought treats for the maintenance department! Bowles

Shout out to Gail for helping out at Battle of the Books by being a table judge! Gailanne

Also, a shout out to Julie and Mary for being there to support our kids! It means a lot to them and me to see familiar faces around them! You ladies are awesome! Gailanne

Gailanne, Gail, and Julie for their work with our Battle of the Books teams! Mary

Third grade for the technology they are trying to use! Mary

A BIG Shout Out to everyone who has outside morning duty!! I don't know how some students would get out of the car without you!!!

A huge shout out to Patty, Rene, Ann, Andrea, and anyone else involved in preparing the second graders for the Sock Hop! It was organized, fun, and allowed everyone to create sweet memories! A class act, for sure!!! Great job, ladies!!!!!!!!!! Heather

Thank you, Sarah, for inspiring me to get my kids up and running on Seesaw. You are a wealth of information and always willing to help me. Jennie

Shout out to Mrs. Peters for staying with me, and giving up her conference period, while we sheltered in place. Thank you! Ann

Shout out to Britney Horn for being so patient and supportive! We love having you as our Technology coach! You always have such great ideas and tremendously helpful! Thank you! Lakeview

Shout Out to Britney for helping me set up my ePortfolio in Google. Bowles

Professional Reading

Kid Wisdom

Kids say the funniest things:

We've been researching famous structures and one student shared that her building had a bar at the very top floor. Another student replied, "Alright. My type of building."