Global Poverty Soundtrack

By: Maria Dominguez

My Selection is Global Poverty

I chose Global Poverty because that is a big part in society. It has become a world problem, I can't even imagine how all the kids must feel in their everyday life. Hunger needs to be stop before it's too late.

"Leave Out All The Rest" By: Linkin Park(2007)

I chose this song because we don't need to forget about other people in the world who are in need. We have the opportunity to help them, we just need to act before it gets worse. We need to save them before its too late.
Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest (Official Video)

Fact 1

Diarrhea and pneumonia can take the lives over 2 million kids due to the lack of money. They can't afford proper treatment, 80% of the poor populations lives on basically ten dollars a day.

"Centuries" by: Fall out boys(2015)

Remember the rest of the world; This song compares how one little thing can change everything. A little help from someone doesn't hurt.
Fall Out Boy - Centuries (Official Video)

Fact 2

Without the help of the government global poverty could double from 18% to 33%. SNAP, Social security and housing subsidies have helped to decrease poverty around the world.

"Breaking the habit" by: Linkin park(2003)

This song has to do with all the struggles, basically I related to the economy struggles. Also this song reminds me that once you are born into a poor family; you don't have to be that way too. The opportunities are there you just have to stop thinking that you can't do it so "break the habit" make the change.
Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit (Official Video)

Fact 3

Global poverty are cause by natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricane, tornadoes, and wars. These types of disasters leave places destroy, and it could take years to get them repaired. Poverty is one main thing that leads to hunger.

"Earth" song by: Michael Jackson(1995)

This song brings out a lot of emotion of global poverty. Instead of fixing the world's poverty we are making it worse by not giving a hand to the needy. This song not only covers poverty issues but it also covers other problems around the world.
Michael Jackson - Earth Song

Fact 4

Africa does not have enough clean water for the people; one third of Africa lacks clean water. This is a big problem, many people drink dirty causing them to get sick.

"Hello" by: Adele(2015)

I chose this song because when she says " hello from the other side", I interpret it as looking at the other part of the world whom seem to be unknown. We see the poverty but sometimes we choose to ignore it.
Adele - Hello

Fact 5

One out of five kids in this country live in poverty. Children whom are hungry or lack adequate medical care, live in substandard housing and schools are doomed as adults as well. The cycle than repeats itself again.

"Eye of the tiger" by: Survivor(1982)

This song has to do with toughness, be tough and stand up to your feet because it's not over yet. Don't the environment pull you down with it, their might be bumps in the road but at the end it's all worth it.
Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

Fact 6

Their is around 27 to 28 percent of kids whom are underweight or stunted. Billions of people are unable to even sign their name or read.

"Heal the world" by: Michael Jackson(1991)

I have chosen this song because poverty is not only cause by the lack of money. It's also cause by wars leaving places destroyed, children crying because they are hungry. Lets "Heal The World". We want better environment for our kids, future kids but humanity has to stop killing and destroying other places stop all wars.

Michael Jackson - Heal The World

Fact 7

Everyday 50,000 innocent people die due to the poverty of their country.

"They don't care about us" by: Michael Jackson(1995)

This song reminds me of people that ignore the issue of global poverty. Like this song says they don't really care about any situation or any type of person.
Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us

Fact 8

People die of lack of nutrition and from hunger, over 8 million people died. They don't really have the money to buy anything.