Star Wars


Darts Vader

He is one of the badest badguys in Star Wars!

He is in #4 , #5, #6.

He dies in #6.

He comes to life in #3.

Luke Skywalker

Luke is Darth Vaders son.

He is in episodes #4, #5,#6.

He is my favorit.

H is born in #3.

Leia Skywalker

Leia is Luke's sister.

She is a princess.

She is very butiful.

She is the only girl in Star Wars.

Han Solo

Han Solo is Luke's best friend.

He can speek wookie.

He has a space ship,it is called the Milineom Fallkon.

He gets chased by a lot of bounty hunters.

Obey-Wan-Conobie ( Ben )

Obey-Wan is in 1,2,3,4.

He dies in #4.

He is a master Jedi.

He is my second favorite.


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