The War of 1812


What was the War of 1812

The War of 1812 was a fight between the US and Canada. At that time Canada was a British colony, so the US attacked them to get the British. Canada fought for their land and won. So the US made a border that says Canada has nothing related to the US.

How Long Lasting Were The Changes?

If the War of 1812 didn't happen then Canada will probably be a part of the US now. Canada won the war and proved that Canada is it's own country, which also means that Canada don't have to be force to be a part of the US. This change lasted so long that it is still that way today.

Who was affected by this?

Canada, U.S.A, British,and the First Nations all got affected by this war. At that time the relationship between the First Nations and Canada were not that well. But when the US attacked Canada, the First Nation still fight against the US with Canada.

Why is this War more significent?

This war is more significent in the Canada history because it affected more people than any other event. such as the Act of Union, The Great Migration and others. This war was so important to Canada because if they lost for their land and got force to be part of the US then everything will be so different from now.


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