My Underwater Robot

"My Underwater Robot"

In this lecture, David Lang talks about the underwater robot. He presents the robot and gives some examples of what the robot can do under the water.

Facts about the underwater robot:

He says that NASA uses this extreme environment to train astronauts.
James Cameron used these robots under the water to explore the titanic, And in the beginning of the movie he presents the robots.
Scientists use these robots to explore the oceans.
Oil and gas companies use them for exploration.

Story about how it's all began...

David Lang tells a short story about how it's start and he say:
A few years ago, his friend Eric and he decided that they wanted to explore an underwater cave.
He said that they heard a story about lost gold and they wanted to go up there.
They didn't have any money. So Eric had an idea for a robot but they didn't have any parts so they asked the internet for help. They created a website and at the end they got all the answers. They were ready to explore the cave.