Being Real Is A Big Deal

The Story of Mark Twain (1835-1910)

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The Realist to ever live was born on November 30,1835,In Florida,Missouri.His real name is "Samuel Langhorne Clemens" but he goes by his pen name Mark Twain,He was an American author an humorist.He was most known for his famous pieces of work "The adventures of Tom Sawyer" and its sequel "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" latter often known as "The Great American Novel". Also Twain influenced every literature of American realism,he was the only one to use humor and it actually be funny and hit the real problem of racism in the united states.

Mark Twain-Genius

Genius, like gold and precious stones,
is chiefly prized because of its rarity.

Geniuses are people who dash of weird, wild,
incomprehensible poems with astonishing facility,
and get booming drunk and sleep in the gutter.

Genius elevates its possessor to ineffable spheres
far above the vulgar world and fills his soul
with regal contempt for the gross and sordid things of earth.

It is probably on account of this
that people who have genius
do not pay their board, as a general thing.

Geniuses are very singular.

If you see a young man who has frowsy hair
and distraught look, and affects eccentricity in dress,
you may set him down for a genius.

If he sings about the degeneracy of a world
which courts vulgar opulence
and neglects brains,
he is undoubtedly a genius.

If he is too proud to accept assistance,
and spurns it with a lordly air
at the very same time
that he knows he can't make a living to save his life,
he is most certainly a genius.

If he hangs on and sticks to poetry,
notwithstanding sawing wood comes handier to him,
he is a true genius.

If he throws away every opportunity in life
and crushes the affection and the patience of his friends
and then protests in sickly rhymes of his hard lot,
and finally persists,
in spite of the sound advice of persons who have got sense
but not any genius,
persists in going up some infamous back alley
dying in rags and dirt,
he is beyond all question a genius.

But above all things,
to deftly throw the incoherent ravings of insanity into verse
and then rush off and get booming drunk,
is the surest of all the different signs
of genius.

T-Mark Twain will describe in the poem his definition of a genius.
P-Mark Twain gives examples of geniuses and hits to the truth of life and faces the reality of what people do.
C-"The surest of all things a Genius" Anything wrong you do will make you a genius.
A-The authors attitude or tone in this is very straight forward and aggressive he doesn't sugar coats in the poem.
S-The shift comes around the middle when you think he's talking about other people he references himself in this poem."
T-Everyone can become a Genius by failing at life.
T-The poem is about peoples failures in life which Twain categorizes them as geniuses in life.
Thomas Eakins American Painter Dearie - Sidewalks of New York Music
This son has that funny theme to it which i fell like Twain would listen too while he would write down his masterpieces,the funny theme to the song would remind him to be funny and not forget about his root of humor.The melody of this song goes with his humor,most if you find this song as a background song for Tom & Jerry.Which Twain's humor was most of the time sarcastic like this song feels like

Leo Friedman-"Coon! Coon! Coon!"

"Although it's not my color, I'm feeling mighty blue; I've got a lot of trouble, I'll tell it all to you: I'm cert'nly clean disgusted With life, and that's a fact Because my hair is wooly And because my color's black. My gal, she took a notion Against the colored race. She said if I would win her I'd have to change my face; She said if she should wed me, That she'd regret it soon, And now I'm shook, yes, good and hard, Because I am a coon."

These lyrics compare and connect with Twain's work perfectly the lyrics show the view from a black person during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Twain would show you how racism was during those times people would want to deny that but its the truth."Because im a coon" could've been in Twain's work or maybe was because black people didn't have the same opportunities as the whites.Twain would reference that in his work also but in a more sarcastic way.