May 2017

This month, we've been busy teaching library skills, and making sure everyone is making full use of the resources that we have on offer. We also have an exciting collaborative publishing endeavour from the Year 4's and Mrs Campbell has been off to Kathmandu to teach children at an orphanage how to set up and run their own Library of donated books! Read all about it in our May news...

library lessons


We've been concentrating on Library Skills this month, making sure the students know how and where to find the books they are looking for, and more importantly, how to put them back in the proper place!

The Year 2's and 3's came in to make some library observations which we put up on the board and discussed. The idea was to make them draw their own conclusions about how the Library is organised which will reinforce their knowledge much more than us just standing up and telling them how it is done.

Stretchy Choices

Across all the year groups we spoke about making 'stretchy choices' and maybe taking a book out in a genre they have not tried before. For those kids who just can't get enough of the Smurfs or Geronimo Stilton, we gently suggested that taking a chapter book might be an interesting choice for a week... reminding them of course that they don't have to love it, they should just try it out. Or taking out a non-fiction book about something new, to see if they might find a new personal passion!

The 24 Hour Library

We have spent the past few weeks reminding the older students that our e-book library is open for business 24-7. Students in Year 3 and above can go to our ebook site (check it out here) and sign in with their Planet Peak username and the password we have given them (if they forget, they can come in and ask). We have just added more titles and now have more than 450 books for borrowing! That's a lot of books. It's perfect for summertime borrowing and reading - you can access it anywhere there is wifi connection!

self publishing for eight year olds

The Tregelles Challenge: A Year 4 Collaborative Project

Earlier in the year, we invited Miranda Quinney, a storyteller and writer to come in to work with the Year 3's and 4's. With Miranda, the classes worked collaboratively on a book entitled The Tregelles Challenge, in which each chapter was written by a student based on the same story premise. Well, after a lot of hard work and effort, the Year 4's have finished their books and they have just arrived from the printers! There is much excitement and we will be distributing the books to the students this week. A copy of the book will be put into the Library for circulation so all year groups can enjoy Year 4's stories.

taking action: library initiative in nepal

Nepal Youth Foundation: Olgapuri Children's Village

Last week, one of our Librarians, Mrs Campbell, traveled to the Olgapuri Children's Village in Kathmandu to help teach the children there how to set up and run their own Library. The orphanage houses 80 children from all over the country and they have recently made space for a library with shelves and a collection of donated books. The Olgapuri children were keen to run the library and needed help to learn.

Many of the books have been given by Peak School and other Hong Kong donors.

Peak School Library hopes to be able to collaborate with the children of Olgapuri in the future and we will seek ways in which we can help out and 'take action'.

One way is to donate a book on birthdays (instead of cupcakes for the class) and bring it in to the Library where we will send it to the orphanage in Kathmandu to help the children there benefit from good books.

... and, parents, just one final note!

If you want to know if we have a book in the library, you can check from home. How handy is that?

From the Peak School website (, just go to Learning At Peak tab and click on Library. In the box at the top of the page, just type in the title that you are looking for and you can see if we have it, and if it is 'in' or 'out'.

Or click this LINK to go straight to the page.

Quote of the Month

"Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't who don't believe in magic will never find it."

The Minpins by Roald Dahl

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