What are you doing right now?

Are being as productive as you could be?


Let's be honest, there is a more than likely chance that you could be doing something right now that is far more productive than than leisurely eating a meal. Studies show that 87% of people are stressed during the day because they have so many things to do and not enough time to do them. Imagine what you could accomplish if you had access to the internet right now.

In 5 minutes you could....

  • Finish a homework assignment
  • Complete a spreadsheet for work
  • Upload a sensational youtube video
  • Donate money via the internet
  • Share a photo with friends and family
  • Submit your college application
  • Making memories with your family
  • Be up to date on what your friends are doing via social media

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Family Time

Not eating alone? Share something about your day with your family. Show them the project you finished in school or the email your boss sent you to give you a promotion. Allow your family members to become more connected with your life. It's easy for every family to do.

Make a Change

Now seeing how obviously helpful adding wifi all around the city would be, spread the word! Tell your friends, neighbors, and local business owners how beneficial adding free wifi to their businesses would be.
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