CTE Wheel

Taught by Mr. Volmer

CTE Wheel Is a collection of six, three-week long units that gives you a taste of some of the programs that are offered at the high school. Find your interests and talents then expand them into hobbies or careers in high school. This class will be hands on activities designed to be fun and to give you a chance to explore multiple opportunities in one semester. We are striving for an equal number of boys and girls in this class so don't think it is just for girls or just for boys. In these types of classes everyone is equal.

Photography: move up from snapshot to photographs using basic photography skills including composition, shutter speed depth of field, and aperture to create better photos using DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras.

Biomedical: Learn how the heart works and how to diagnose problems with the body systems. Use heart monitors, do virtual heart dissections (less messy and smells better too) and more.

Robotics: Program a Sphero (robotic ball) to roll, turn, speed up, stop, light up, and chime when you want it to.

Agriculture: Use a computer to learn how to weld metal. Propagate plants from seeds and bycloning. Turn flowers into potpourri. Includes a field trip to the high school farm.

Industrial Manufacturing: Design a key chain or other object then program a CNC (computer numerical control) shaper to cut it out of a piece of acrylic for you to keep.

Woodshop: Learn how to use hand and power tools to build a project (toolbox, birdhouse) out of wood for you to take home, paint, and use.