"Roman Justice"

By:Valeria Sepulveda

"Human Rights"

Citizens are able to go to/can do




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"Not all Romans were Equal"

Male citizens had all the rights but the women had limited rights also like the slaves and freedmens.
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"Focused On"

Romans focused on


•inheritance-what the family gets when a member dies

•contrast between people

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"Fit the Crimes Comitted"





•execution if guilty of treason

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"Natural Laws giving every Citizen Rights"

•connected to life


•pursuit of happiness

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"Roman vs. U.S Differences"

U.S is different from the Romans because...

•the religions separate the law

•they have very sever punishments

•the punishments determents the social class

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"Roman and U.S similarities"

Romans and the U.S are the same because of their...

•legal language

•civil and common law

•the process of how new laws are made