The Negro League

by Carlos,Orlando and Rubin

Negro league

The Negro League was a group of African American and Hispanic people who were not able to play baseball because of their skin color. The National Baseball League was only for white people. in the early 1900 the tops five baseball team bore the name of Cuban Giants in all different place like new York to new Jersey. in 1947

Robinson was promoted to the dodgers, he was the first black

player in the major league when he was 63 years old.

Negro League

  • The African American baseball league was active largely between 1920 and late 1940s, when black players were at last contracted to play major and minor league baseball.

  • The principal Negro leagues were the Nigro National League (1920-31, 1933-48), the Eastern colored league (1923-28), and the Negro American league (1937-60).

  • A “ gentleman’s agreement” among the leaders of what was then called organized baseball.

  • (The major and minor leagues) erected color bar against black players from the last years of the 19th century until 1946, although these leaders rarely admitted its existence

Baseball League

  • (1879-1930) American baseball player, manager and executive Rube Foster was often called the “father of black baseball.”

  • In 1920 he organized the Nigro National Leagues.

  • Foster acted as president until he suffered a nervous breakdown in 1926.

  • Andrew Foster was born on September 17,1879, in Calvert,Texas.

  • He dropped out of school at the 8th grade.

  • He was placed in a mental hospital in Kankakee, Illinois, where he died four years later.

  • He was placed in the hall fame in 1981.

  • Andrew “Rube” Foster enforced a 5 percent change on all NNBL games.

  • The Black Clubs often had to pay stiff rents to play in White owned ballparks.

Jackie Robinson

Video Information

The video is important because it tell us that it took so long so the negro league start playing and it was Jackie Robinson success that help other to player to play. It tell that they have to work hard just to let the Negro League to play baseball.

Video Caption

  • I tells how racism was a big effect on how black people lived.In 1954 that made black and white people be in the same school and that was made alegial.

  • It tells us how racism started and how it effected the black society, and they’re school and homes.

  • This tells why they made Black Major Leagues.This also shows why black people were discriminated against.


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