Rainbow Cake

Jasmine Perkins, Sam Dyer

Baker # 1

Jasmine Perkins

Baker # 2

Sam Dyer


  • 3 WHITE cake mix boxes
  • how many ever eggs is needed for those boxes (9)
  • vegatable oil
  • frosting
  • decorations (gummy worms, sprinkles)
  • food coloring ( red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
  • non stick cooking spray
  • flour
  • 2 mixing bowls
  • 2 mixing spoons -or- 1 mixing spoon and a mixer
  • measuring cups
  • plates
  • rubber spatulas
  • knife
  • fridge
  • oven
  • sink
  • 3 round cake pans (of the same size)
  • oven mits


  1. preheat your oven
  2. clear a space
  3. mix all three cakes together with the ingredients and mixing spoon or mixer (like stated on each of the boxes)
  4. after step 3 is finished, take 2-3 cups out of your cake mix and pour them into the other mixing bowl
  5. next, squeeze (to color likeing) the first color (red) from one of the food coloring bottles into the cake you scooped into the second bowl
  6. mix that together with the second mixing spoon (add more color if needed)
  7. spray all three of the cooking pans with the non stick cooking spray, and generously flour them also
  8. pour the red batter into one of the pans
  9. rinse out the mixing bowl in which you mixed the colored batter in
  10. repeat steps 4-9 for the next two colors
  11. after all 3 of your colored batter is in the pans, pop them in the oven for the amount of time stated on your cake box
  12. in between the time your cakes are cooking, you can clean up, start mixing your next color, or do the harlem shake
  13. after the timer goes off, take the cakes out and put them on a non burn surface (the stove)
  14. with your oven mits STILL ON, flip the cakes one by one out of their pan onto a plate
  15. place them in the fridge
  16. next wash the pans and follow through with steps 4-15 again. (be sure to be changeing colors everytime you mix another color in)
  17. after about 30-45 minutes of them being in the fridge, take them our and place them on the counter
  18. take your bottom layer and ice the entire top of it
  19. put the next layer on top of your bottom layer and ice the entire top
  20. continue doing this until all of the layers are on top of each other
  21. if you couldn't find cake pans that were the exact same size then you need to shave down the sides of the cake so that they are even
  22. start iceing the cake (to your likeing)
  23. decorate the cake however you want it to be decorated
  24. let it sit overnight in the fridge
  25. cut in and enjoy! :)

What not to do while baking a rainbow cake

  • don't forget to spray and flour the cake pans
  • don't forget to level out the cake batter in the pan before putting in the oven (it will turn out crooked if you don't)
  • don't be a sam ( BIG NO NO)
  • don't forget to enjoy yourself :)
  • don't put the colors in the wrong order
  • don't let the icing melt
  • dont ice them while still hot
  • don't mix all of the food coloring colors together in the left over batter and try to make a "pretty color"

Our Video

CAke rainbow

Harlem Shake

Don't forget to have fun! :D
harlem shake