April 2019

It's National Library Month in the HH Library

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Kindergarten Research

This past couple of weeks Kindergarten has conducted insect research using QR codes to log in to Launchpad and access the PebbleGo early reader database. They listened to the articles and made notes.

Springtime ... Stress?

Ms. Oliverson has been reading this book to several classes but hasn't made it around everywhere. If any of you are feeling "the pressure" of all there is to do THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!. The Good Egg figures out how to relax and not worry so much! Find it on Sora or at the public library or your local bookstore. We'll get a HH library copy as soon as we can!
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Google Hangouts with Scientists

Yesterday most of 5th grade enjoyed a visit with some ornithologists. They shared some REAL LIVE HAWKS and talked about conservation and the birds' adaptations in their environment. Then they held a short question and answer session at the end.

We have another one scheduled for 4/15 from a scientist studying adaptions to deforestation and then another one from a hurricane hunter on 4/23. Can't wait to see who will participate in those!

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Monthly Circulation


From March 1-31 we circulated 2743 items. Go Hawk Readers!

Summer Reading

It's NEVER too early to start thinking about summer reading! Start making plans for books that you would like to read as a family. Maybe books that you will read aloud before bed? Or books that you will listen to on car trips? How often will you visit the public library? Can you stock up on some low price reading at the PTA used book sale April 12-14? It is VITALLY IMPORTANT that kids continue to read over the summer. It's OK to make it fun reading. Graphic novels are great. Super heroes and princesses and monsters and wimpy kids are perfect. Just READ! Make sure to check out the HH libguide as it will be updated with programs as they are announced and 2019 information is released. Updates will also be posted to FB to remind you so that is another option ... "Like" us there!

Overdue Books

We have 366 overdue books out right now and that's a lot! This is mentioned that only because we want kids to be able to get NEW books often ... and they can only do that if they're keeping track of the books they already have. We've also got kids waiting on books they can't read because they're sitting under a bed or couch somewhere!

Electronic Resources

In order to access all digital resources students (Overdrive/Sora ebooks or audiobooks (awesome for travel), Pebblego early reader nonfiction reference, Tumblebooks, Encyclopedia Britannica reference sources, etc) will go to Launchpad. This can be accessed from the top right of the main NEISD page or from the library webpage.

The Overdrive standalone app will still work, though you will need to log in with the long NEISD network login credentials.

Username: first initial + last name (up to 10 letters) + last 4 digits of ID number @ stu.neisd.net (no spaces or + signs when entering online)

Password: Full student ID number