Parents Can Help Ensure Success

Good Morning, Cicero SDA Parents,

This morning is the first day of our IOWA Test of Basic Skills testing here at our school. Most of our classes will not actually be testing until tomorrow, but will be preparing for the test by getting the answer sheets filled in with the pertinent information.

You can help your students so much by making sure they get the proper rest they need each night this week, and eating a good breakfast, etc. It's hard to do your best when the basic needs are not met.

Here are a few dates to bring to your attention:

October 11th is our Fall Festival.

October 14-16 is our Fall break.

October 19-23 is Week of Prayer at our school, with Elder Fults.

October 28 is an Indiana Conference wide Health Fair at Indiana Academy

I apologize for not sending this letter yesterday. We were enjoying the beautiful day at home, and it slipped my mind ( am I getting older for this to happen?). I hope you are able to be out these beautiful days, and enjoy the harvest time in our area.

Have a wonderful day!


Mrs. Olson