children rights

shani levy and sharon bar

the children rights:

The right to live

The right to live with family

Right to receive food services

Right to receive medical services

Right to feel loved

The right to be protected

The right to express an opinion

Right to privacy

The right to live at home

Right to make independent decisions

global friendship

Global Friendship is a young, dynamic, and environmentally conscious not-for-profit that works to improve the standard of living in developing regions. We currently work in Thailand, Indonesia, Peru, India, and the USA.

In the past, these contributions have supported local area developments for schools, clean water, and transportation infrastructure. Our mission is made possible with grants, the lending of supplies, and the directing of their crafts towards marketability. provide artisans with a source of income, education, and business development skills that help break the cycle of poverty and create sustainable businesses.

iqbal story

Iqbal was a child who suffered greatly where he worked (for Hussein) is trying to escape Famimrbot to be free from slavery

When Iqbal worked for Hussein had been driving it hard is very difficult for many jobs and was not Hussein addition he also had harsh punishments like Tomb.

Tomb, is a place with no air locked dark dirty scary and threatening. There was no light down there.

Story Iqbal denied the rights to:

Food regularly


Medical treatment

For Honor

Freedom of speech

Freedom from slavery

To be loved

Live in equality

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