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GES Staff Update-Week of 1/18/16

Just for Laughs

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing three-day weekend! I don't know about you, but one of my favorite things to do on these extended weekends is to laugh with friends and family!! I hope this silly little video clip from Kid Snippets brings you a smile and makes you giggle! Have a wonderful week!
Kid Snippets: "Math Class" (Imagined by Kids)

Tuesday PLCs

Don't forget that Tuesday, Jan. 19th our PLCs will be replacing Learning Teams time from 3:00 - 3:45pm. Team Leaders, please complete the agenda and let us know where you will be meeting before 3:00. We will be traveling around to try and support each grade level throughout the afternoon. Please let Nancy know if you have any specific needs prior to your meeting.
Agenda: https://docs.google.com/a/gcisd.net/document/d/18GytXlV6UuX_cEOswAPC9LfNR9VxCXYIfHIYmaetPoQ/edit?usp=sharing

Friendly Reminders

  • Our next CORE visits will be on Thursday, 1/21. Check out the schedule: http://bit.ly/1TOuRtG
  • Please have your students complete the iStation Math and Reading ISIP for MOY before Friday, Jan. 22nd! Nancy will be running reports of your data for Data Days during the last week of January.
  • Data Days: Tuesday, Feb.2 - 3rd AM & 4th PM; Wednesday, Feb. 3 - Kinder AM & 5th PM; Thursday, Feb. 4 - 2nd AM & 1st PM
  • Please continue to help your students back up their iPad work onto Google drive. Don't forget to save PicCollage & iMovie creations to the camera roll. iPads will be updated later this spring and we don't want any work to be lost!
  • 1:1 PLCs are an opportunity for all GES staff to learn more about technology topics that impact our students. If you are support staff, please plan to attend a grade level time that works for your schedule. A 3:00 PLC time is a second option if your schedule doesn't allow a time during the school day.

Technology Integration

We will be part of a technology integration formative assessment on Thursday, 2/10, from 9-11:30am. Amy Phillips, Kerissa Bearce and Janie Stach will be visiting classrooms to take a sneak peek at how our students are using technology. This isn't a time for you to do anything different. It is simply a way for them to gather evidence of technology use, for them to gain a true perspective on how students throughout GCISD use their devices. The data they gather will help guide technology training opportunities and 1:1 PLC topics. Please contact Liz if you have any questions. The schedule for their brief walk throughs can be found on our Google drive: https://docs.google.com/a/gcisd.net/document/d/139xHf8fubSBf7KxNv3tgx0qz5xlTrTD7AAUeGVSUwDY/edit?usp=sharing

The following links may be useful to review if you are curious about their "look fors" and data gathering.

GCISD's CIEs 2015 - Instructional Technology Common Instructional Expectations


Google form they'll use for class visits:


Website Expectations

We need to help our parents more easily find contact information. The district has requested that all teacher/staff pages have common information posted. Please have this updated by Friday, Jan. 22nd. On your teacher/staff home pages, please include contact information using the following format:
  • NAME

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact Nancy Hale.


  • Amy McKinney is a teacher intern from Baylor University and will be working under the guidance of Gayle Lambert over the next few weeks. Be sure to say hello when you see her in the Music room!
  • Our laminator is not working again. We will look into getting it repaired as soon as we can! We'll keep you posted. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.
  • Tamara Bailey will be joining our team as our SBIP para on Monday, 1/25. Please give her a warm welcome when you meet her next week!
  • All GES staff will be participating in the annual employee survey on Monday, 2/1. More details to follow, but please plan to participate and have your voice heard.
  • Our PTA will be hosting a parent night on Thursday, 2/18 at 6:30pm. Media Madness will be the topic presented by a Texas PTA speaker. *As always, attendance by a grade level/team representative is appreciated! Please share the date and information with your parents in upcoming newsletters. More information can be found at: http://www.txpta.org/programs/ready-set-achieve/media-madness/

Upcoming Dates

Monday, 1/18 MLK Day-Student & teacher holiday

Tuesday, 1/19 Learning Teams @3:00

Wednesday, 1/20 NEHS meeting & Running Club (2:45-3:30pm)

Thursday, 1/21 CORE visits with PLCs; Choir long rehearsal (1:45-3:45pm)

Friday, 1/22 Jump Rope for Heart kick off during PE

Monday, 1/25 Jump Rope for Heart begins; Choir long rehearsal (1:45-3:45pm)

Monday, 1/25- Friday, 1/29 Star Studded Staff week

Tuesday, 1/26 Choir performance (9:30am)

Tuesday, 1/26 Campus Excellence Committee meeting (3:10pm)

Wednesday, 1/27 Running Club (2:45-3:30pm)

Thursday, 1/28 Choir Performance (6:30pm)

Friday, 1/29 College Colors Day & GES Bank

Monday, 2/1-Friday, 2/5 National School Counselor Recognition Week

Friday, 2/5 Jerseys, Jeans & Junk Food Super Bowl Friday

Monday, 2/15 Professional Learning Day at GES; Skate Town fundraiser for 5th grade (2:00-4:00pm)

Where We Will Be...

    • Wednesday, 1/20 - Ray & Hilcher off campus (Hilcher all day; Ray 1-4pm)
    • Thursday, 1/21 - Horn at Counseling PLC (all day)
    • Friday, 1/22 Erin W. at training (all day)
    • Monday, 1/25- Kim & Nancy at In-Tech training (8-11am)
    • Monday, 1/25 - Heather off campus (9:30-11:30am)
    • Wednesday, 1/27 - Ray at AP Meeting (morning)
    • Thursday, 1/28 - Ray at STAAR Training (all day); Erin W. out
    • Friday, 1/29 - Horn and Hale off campus all day; Hilcher off campus 1:30-3:30pm

    Monday Message to Parents

    The following link will take you to the parent newsletter that will be sent out Tuesday morning: https://www.smore.com/9bqct

    Disclaimer: It will be a work in progress until late Monday night!!

    Information from Angela Horn

    Behavioral RtI & Eduphoria

    By February 15th, please have all information entered in Eduphoria for the necessary students according to the phases and directions here:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B22DUqRJvjL1fll0dWxVZThwcUh0bklxNDktVHNXZ3UzYnFYV19LX1p0VG0wU1pFR0dYVXc.

    Good rules of thumb for which students need to be in Eduphoria--

    (a) if you and I have met and you have accessed/highlighted/etc. behavioral interventions from our tiered list, that student should have a form in eduphoria,

    (b) if you have had an additional conference/conversation with the student's family regarding behavior, that student should have a form in eduphoria, and/or

    (c) if you have changed a student's behavior management system within your classroom even if you have not discussed with me, that student should have a form in eduphoria.

    If you have questions regarding students we have discussed, students we have not discussed, or would like support in entering information, please let me know so we can schedule a time to meet together before February 15th.

    GCISD Information

    Summer Enrichment - 2016 Choose Your Own Adventure

    Teacher applications and course proposals are now being accepted for Summer Enrichment 2016. Our theme this year is “Choose Your Own Adventure”. We are looking for courses that will meet the needs of all students in a variety of areas including art, crafts, music, theater, writing, problem solving, science, cooking, and more! Courses are 3 hours in length (8:30-12:00 and 12:00-4:00) and will run for 1 week, Monday-Friday. As a Summer Enrichment teacher, you choose which sessions you would like to offer your course so you can work around your summer plans.

    Please consider creating an adventure for students and sharing your passion as we offer students the opportunity to “Choose Your Own Adventure” and continue along the journey to become skilled problem solvers, effective communicators, collaborative workers, global citizens, and self-regulated learners.

    Compensation: 4 hours/class/day @ $30/hour

    Budget: $75/course (based on supplies for 10-16 students and must use GCISD approved vendors)

    Hours: 8-noon for AM and 1-4 for PM classes

    Location: TBD

    Ages: Students that have completed Kinder-6th grades and are ages 5-13


    • Session 1: June 13 - 17

    • Session 2: June 20 - 24

    • Session 3: June 27 - July 1

    • Session 4: July 11 - 15

    • Session 5: July 18 - 22

    Please contact Cindy Pearson for more information: cindy.pearson@gcisd.net

    Science MiniCAST Registrations

    Email that was sent regarding MiniCAST:

    The Form has been adjusted. There are instructions on it to enter 9999 in the blank if waiting on a group check to be sent. So that's what we need teachers to do.

    They can type "Tony Zahn" in the ​field below the 9999 when it asks for the list of other attendees included in the group check.

    Big image

    Take Note Opportunity

    Take Note is a business funded by the Education Foundation and run by the GCISD Special Education students at both high schools. Students in these classes are learning to design the pads, as well as the entire process it takes to print, cut and glue them. Then they package the pads, deliver, collect money and deposit the money. It's such a great learning tool for these students but in order for them to make a pad, they need orders!! See their flyer below for more information:

    Take Note is Now taking orders!

    Order now for Valentines Day!

    Valentines will be here before you know it so be prepared by ordering you sweetheart a personalized Note Pad made by your GCISD students! We will have them printed, packaged and delivered to you before that special day!

    To order go to www.gcisd-k12.org/page/38020 or the online order form: https://docs.google.com/a/gcisd.net/forms/d/1P6VqgM0it7gpkJsj-1hcWt3gxwtPOgEazXw2HPqUvjg/viewform?c=0&w=1

    Don’t wait!! Order now!!

    Take Note is a business run by the GCISD Transition Class and the CHHS/GHS Special Education Departments. We create personalized Note pads and sell them for $2.50 each. Each pad contains 50 sheets and are made when you order them. Go to our website and see an example of our work or create your own design! It’s a great gift for any occasion-Valentines, birthdays, graduation and end of the year gifts.

    If you have any questions, please contact Debra Tridico @ 817.251.5246 or at debra.tridico@gcisd.net

    Google Links

    • Lesson plans, or links to your plans, should be saved to our Google drive folder in the GES Faculty and Staff folder:http://bit.ly/1LqQ4sg
    • Newsletters, or links to newsletters, should be saved to the Google drive folder in GES Faculty and Staff: http://bit.ly/1MAJbWP