Smore Project

By: Misael Delgado

Section 1-Credit

A credit is ability to borrow money, that will determine your credit score. Credit cards and personal loans are form of credit. You must pay interest to the lender that is associated with credit. A good credit report can get you good creditworthiness.

Section 2-Vocabulary

Inflation - rise in general level of prices of goods/services

Check - a from of money

Money Order - used for a pre-specified amount of money

Section 3-Credit Cards

A credit card is card issued by bank to purchase goods/services. Credit cards can be used in stores, to purchase gasoline, and places like grocery shopping. Benefits that credit cards have is if the payment you have to pay at the end is payed, your credit limit will keep on rising. The cost of using a credit card is the interest rate you have to pay as annual fee. Some credit cards have credit limits and once passed the limit, and over-the-limit fee has to be paid as a penalty fee.

Section 4-Using Credit Cards

A way people can use credit cards safely is by not spending a lot of their money. Using credit cards that have security can be a way to keep them safely. Don't always shop online because fraud can happen. If your credit card is stolen report it as soon as possible.