The Amendments

By: Julia Packer

Amendment 1 : Speech

The freedom of speech means you have the right to basically speak your mind. the things you might say could be hurtful but it is part of your rights and you might be penalized for improper use of language at school because you did say it on school property but technically you did have a right to say what ever word you did.


The first amendment states that United States citizens have the right to freedom of religion, speech, press, and assembly. To me this amendment means that you have certain right like listed above and the government has abide by those rights. The freedom of religion means that you have the freedom to practice your religion the way you want where you want.


This part of the first amendment means that the press has the freedom to ask questions and gather information without permission like take pictures and things like that. like and example would be if a famous person was in their house the press could knock on their door and ask questions.


This means that you an have a meeting and or have the right to meet with people and race or religion or anything related cannot stop that. for example all throughout history race has been a major difference between people like the Whites didn't want to share busses or bathrooms with african americans and in that period of time they might not have been able to meet or assemble because the whites didn't want the african american people to talk about what was going on.


Petition means that if you want something done you have people sign a piece fo paper and with enough amount of signatures you might just be able to make what you want happen. So this part of the amendment means that if you want something sone you have the right to ask people for their signatures.

Amendment 2

The second amendment is very relevant with modern issues. Should people be allowed to own guns in their homes and be allowed to use them at any time they wish? Are the people around them safe? The Second amendment states that we have the right to bear arms. Back when they wrote the amendments to the constitution owning a gun was very necessary. Then when they wrote the constitution the made it very flexible so it could still be accurate in modern times. But is it? Do you think it is still necessary to own a gun in your home? Personally i think it is not necessary to own a gun in your home. It could be harmful to people in your community and people in your house. To me the second amendment means that in certain places you should be allowed to obtain a gun or arms and should be allowed to only use it appropriately.