World War Two

The World's War


World War Two was when the allies and the axis fought. The allies were The Soviet Union, Britain, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, China, and USA. The axis were Germany, Italy, and Japan. There also was the holocaust when 6 million Jews were killed just for being Jews! World War Two lasted about six years.


World War Two is similar to wars today because in both wars today and WW2 they were fighting for a reason. Countries had and still have allies, too. Wars are always sad at times, especially if we lose. But when we win or when it's over it's a relief. The soldiers in WW2 and wars today are sacrificing their lives to protect their country.


World War Two and today's wars are different because today we have better stronger guns. During World War Two doctors probably didn't know as much to help heal soldiers. Today fight because of terrorism. World war two was when we had less knowledge of things, but as the war went on technology got better. Today's wars have a better understanding of things now then they did during WW2.