My 2014-2015 School Year

The Year I Experienced New Things


Lots of things during this school year happened. New friends, school, and teachers. That's how I experienced new things. After I started going to CVMS, I made new friends like Jonathon Zhao, Aidan, and Cameron. I had new teachers like, Mrs. McCabe, Mrs. Halpin, Mr. Brown, Ms. Mitchell, Mr. Jordon, and Mrs. Webb. I spent my free-time more on playing with Cameron and video game. Since my house is couple blocks away from my house, it is easy to go to his house. I see myself more studying than playing because of the new things. And I think my place for now is study and be successful.


I frequently go on YouTube more than usual now. I would choose to see YouTube instead of video game. I don't know I think YouTube, live or funny video that are posted sometimes daily is way more interesting than people jumping, fighting, and collecting things.

My favorite YouTuber page down below.


I would have never survived this school year without my friends some of them include: AJ, Demetrius, Jonathon (all 3 of them), Jangwoo, and Cameron. They cheer me up, embarrass me, and they entertain me whether I need it or not. These guy are my favorite people to be with during school time.

Computer/Video games

Computers and video games are the thing that made me up. Technology is the most awesome thing that I experienced in my life. It's basically internet and animation combined to make a more awesome thing. Computers are the top 10 things that I care about that isn't a living thing. They are just awesome. I play video games all the time with Cameron at least.
A brief history of video games (Part I) - Safwat Saleem


In conclusion, I would have never survive this year without any of these. I got to experience new things like a vending machine in school. Having a computer programming class and having awesome friends and teachers. This was a great year that I will cherish.