Ancient Greece


My flyer is about Ancient Greece. The first one I chose Athens rise to power. The second one I chose was Athenian democracy. The third one I chose Greek's city-states and its colonies.This flyer is about the Athens.

Athens power to rise

The athenian fleet was a instrument for war at sea. The fleet defeated the Persians in 480 bc at the battle of salamis. The fleet enabled the Athens to dominate the Aegens area. Within three years later after the battle of salamis, then the Athens United the greek cities of the asian coast and the aegen islands into a confedecy for defense against Persia.

Atheanian democracy

The Athens residents could take part in the democracy. Adult male citezens participation was limited- perhaps about 12% of the population. Women, minors, slaves, and forien residents was excluded from political life. They had no presidents or prime ministers of Athens. In the democratic era, the chief officals known as archons were chosen by lot.

Greek's city-states and its colonies

Athens was proably the the only city-state in Greek with more than 20,000 citizens. Its city-state was possibly made by medditarain geograghy. Its because of the moutaniuos and costal landscapes. Every fishing village had to be able to defend its self from the land or sea, because outside help could not be easy. A person was the dependt on his community phisical swell a sconimic survival.


That was my flyer. Those were the things I learned about Ancient Greece. Those are what I thought were interesting about Ancient Greece. That was what I wrote about Ancient Greece. The Athens were the last ones to be conquered by the Roman Empire.