A child called it


A child called "it"

This book it's actually really good ,but it is a emotional roller coasters! Sometimes you feel so bad that even you're stomach starts to hurt . It is a real eye opener because this could be happening to anyone and it make you think ,is they're really people that cruel to a child out there .

What the book is about

Well this book is about a child that is abused physically and mentally. This book shows you David's life with his mom ( the abuser) and her cruel games. But David had some trick up his sleeve so he learned how to "play" the games . In one of his stories he say that once he didn't eat for 10 days he got so tired and felt loopy and all the "mother " would do is just laugh and say " oh poor little baby" . David did have brothers but they learned to ignore his presence as if he weren't there.