Coordinate Algebra Newsletter

End of the Semester Updates


As we are winding down the year, I wanted to make you aware of things that are happening in my room...

Finals in Coordinate Algebra

In lieu of a written examination, students will be completing a project in groups of three. Each group will be given a task with a concept learned from the semester. Students will have three working class days to solve and put together a visual in order to teach the class on their designated final day. Students must participate in all aspects of the solving, organization, and presentation of the project. The presentation itself will be worth 70% of the overall final grade. The other 30% will come from the notes that each student takes as the other groups present in class. Students will also be evaluated by their group members and will receive a percentage of the grade in accordance to their group’s evaluation.

Finals Schedule

Wednesday, December 17th

  • 1st Period - 8:15-10:15 --> Exam Period
  • 3rd Period - 10:31-11:00 --> Class Period
  • 5th Period - 11:05-1:15 --> Regular Class Period
  • 7th Period - 1:20-3:05 --> Regular Class Period

Thursday, December 18th

  • 2nd Period - 8:15-10:25 --> Exam Period
  • 4th Period - 10:30-12:45 --> Exam Period
  • 6th Period - 12:50-3:05 --> Exam Period

Friday, December 19th

  • 3rd Period - 8:15-10:25 --> Exam Period
  • 5th Period - 10:30-12:45 --> Exam Period
  • 7th - 12:50-3:05 --> Exam Period