Land of 10,000 lakes


Minnesota has land for public schools and

universities! In Minnesota you can take

the land without money, and without

price. By 1855 European American

settlers were in the majority! Come to Minnesota

and join the majority today!


In Minnesota there are fine streams

in the interior. Now, by the 1850’s, people

have more options for transportation such

as steamboats, oxcart, canoe, foot, horse,

and train. But unfortunately steamboats

only run from April to November. It only

takes two days to ride a steamboat but

it takes 6 days to come by horse.


Minnesota has a big advantage with

all its resources! In Minnesota there

is no ague or fever! You will probably be

rich in mineral treasures. In Minnesota

no banks exist so your money is yours.

When immigrating to Minnesota you will

make a profit and become wealthy.

Everyone in Minnesota is trustworthy

and very helpful.