Gordon Korman


Griffin Bing and his friends Ben and Savannah were going to the mall but just as they approached they found out the mall was closed. Savannah knew why it was closed and that was why she brought her dog Luther. Savannah only went to the mall to see the 3 time winning pageant dog Electra. Luther gets jeslous that the attention of the crowd isn't on him so he then bites the 3 time winning pagent dog Electra to attract attention. Savannah, Luther, and their family get fined of far to much money that they can't afford Luther so they have to bring him to the pound.


I like this book so far. It's a cool, funny, mysetry type of book. It has some action packed moments in the first chapter witch really grabbed me. My favourite part so far is when Luther bites Electra just to get attention and Savannah's family has to pay a big fine.

Favourite Quote

"I am the man with the plan but right now i have no plan so i am the man with no plan."

- Gordon Korman

Number of stars

I would give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars because this book is really funny and is really interesting but some things in this book I dont like.


I highly recommend this book for people that are from the ages of 8-13 and like a good book with some action, a bit of fantasy and mystery.