Ms. Grant's Comm Arts/ELA Class

Team 7-1 Room 108

Welcome to 7th Grade Communication Arts!

We will spend an hour together everyday in which we intertwine reading, writing, speaking, and listening instruction and activities.

The Seventh Grade English/Language Arts course is centered on the Common Core State Standards with extensive study of literature and written composition preparing students for high school, college, and future careers. Literature spanning the years, from ancient to modern times, gives historical perspective of writing styles and authors’ changing perceptions of our world. The art of composition emphasizes the modes of argumentative, expository, and narrative writing. Student writers are encouraged to write objectively and subjectively as needed to demonstrate their mastery of the course material. As they begin to tailor and incorporate literary strategies into their personal repertoire, seventh grade English/Language arts continues shaping students into independent, life-long readers, writers, and thinkers who will be prepared to contribute to their democratic society.

Independent Reading

Students will be required to read independently. Research shows how important reading is to the success of students. We hope to foster a love reading through self-selected texts that appeal to each student. Activities will be designed to reinforce the skills being taught in the classroom.

Materials Needed:

  • Pencils, Blue/Black Pens
  • Red Pens
  • Highlighters
  • Folder
  • Spiral Notebook (Literary Handbook)
  • Composition Notebook (Writer's Notebook)
  • Literature Textbook
  • Assignment Notebook
  • Book to read Independently.

Homework & Make-up Work

We missed you while you were out today but....

  • Team 7-1 offers Assignment Support lunches everyday to give students extra "one on one" time with teachers of their core subjects. Absent & Late Work can also be completed during these support lunches.
  • It is the student's responsibility to get the notes, classwork, and homework missed while absent.
  • Any hand-outs will be available for students. The student also needs to meet with the teacher to discuss any concepts covered and any in class information they may have missed.
  • Students may also stay on top of assignments whether they are absent or present by reviewing the team homework website at:


First Late assignment: Minus 10%

Additional Late assignments: Minus 50%


All typed assignments must:

  • include name, class, date, and title and should be "Right Aligned"
  • be 12 point font, Times New Roman or Arial
  • be double spaced
  • NOT be emailed to your teacher to be printed

OH-NO.... You have printing problems the night before the paper is due! No worries, see below!

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Class Expectations & Guidelines

  • Come to class everyday PREPARED! When the bell rings students are expected to be in their seats and ready to begin. This means pencil sharpening, trips to lockers/bathroom, and gathering of materials are all completed BEFORE the bell rings. Students will receive a tardy slip after the bell rings.
  • No food or drinks will be brought to class unless received as a reward/treat from a teacher.
  • District classroom rules are posted in the classroom but one rule covers them all! Be RESPECTFUL!! Respect yourself, others, and property and you will be successful.

7 Habits/ Starting School-2


Grades will be based on a point system earned on a combination of class work, homework, and assessments (both classwork and performance). Classwork grades are worth 25% of a student's grade. Performance grades are worth 75% of a student's grade. Please check the Parent Portal to keep up-to-date on grades!

South Middle School Disciplinary Procedures

  1. First Offense: Verbal warning
  2. Second Offense: Conference with teacher
  3. Third Offense: Email/call parents/guardian
  4. Fourth Offense: Closed Lunch/2nd Conference with teacher
  5. Fifth Offense: Office referral to the 7th grade principal

Scholastic Book Clubs

Looking for a great book to add to your home library? Check out Scholastic's Reading Club to login to Scholastic's wonderful selection of titles. Students will occasionally receive Reading Club Flyers from me, but parents can order anytime from the Scholastic website.

When you login to look at books or to place a parent order, our class code is: GZD9N

Contacting Ms. Grant...

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.

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