Great Basin

home of the Bannock Tribe

Great Baisin Food!

The Great Basin ate a lot of game, such as: buffolo, sheep,rabbit,deer,snakes,and lizards.There hunting method was that they use was bow and arrow, stone knife, and nets!They also ate a lot of pine nuts and 200 different types plants and nuts.

The Pine Nut Harvest

In each scale of the pinecone of the pinyon pine tree, each scale of the pinecone held 2 pine nuts.In early Fall the pine cones would turn brown, then there ready to harvest. When they were harvested the boys climbed up the tree to shake them down. Men knocked down cones with long stickes. Children gathered up the pine into woven baskests.Women carried the heavy baskets back to the village.



The Bannock tribe has houses made of reed and roofed with grass mats,in winter they built small round lodges that were partley underground and they stayed in one place and kept adding on to there villiages.

Religion/Cultural Practices The Bannock believed that animal ancestors-wolf,coyote,rabbit,bear,and mountain lion-lived before the human age.They think that these animals were creator of the world.They believed that the animals had powers.Some were good,some were bad.Small long haired creatures that lured people to there death in springs or lakes and they ate children.Like many people (AKA) indians believed that animals could talk.Great Basin believed that flying animals (birds) were spirt,and would help the Great Basin.

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The government for Great Basin/People and clothing

The Great Basin had their own constitutions and made beyaws. The Great Basin tribes also had general warfare and also had a buissness counsel.they made their clothes out of linin and sometimes out of animal skin.and used pigment durring summer they either wore little amount of clothes or no clothes at all.They also used colored porkiepine quills to color and decorate.