Utopian future

By Alex Turner

A kid get's involved in a utopia society. He has no idea where he is and how he got here. Can he figure it out how he got or not. Let's talk about the books. The Giver is a book about a utopian society and Jonas the main character finds out new things that he didn't know about. The cars in the future can be different in some ways like a satellite on the car. Once people in a utopian think different ways and in a utopian society they keep secrets.
In a utopian society they think different ways. For example in the article James Lentz "believes people will still want to own cars." Peter Schwartz thinks that people that have cars will fade away" (Los Angeles Times). James and Peter think different ways what happens in the future.
Also in a utopian society they keep secrets. For instance in the Giver they keep secrets for example "Do not discuss your training with anybody else" (Lois Lowry 86). What this means Jonas can not tell anybody about this, his friends, his family or anybody about his training with the Giver.
In a utopian society they have a different culture and they think different ways. They keep secrets from each other. Also a utopian society is different from our world. A utopian society can not exist ever.