Sun And Shadow

Ray Bradbury

Plot Line

Exposition: Ricardo finds out that there is a photo shoot going on outside his house

Rising Action: Ricardo and the Photographer start arguing.

Climax: A police man walks by and as the photographer take a picture Ricardo pulls his pants down.

Falling action: Photographer Leaves Ricardo's house.

Recitation: Ricardo walks back into his house.


This conflict is both internal and external. The external conflict in this story is Ricardo and the Photographer arguing and Ricardo trying to get him to leave his house. The internal conflict is Ricardo's feelings about the photographer taking pictures and using it like a back drop even though it means a lot more to Ricardo than that because he had lived in this house for his whole life it was where his son had grown up. So for the photographer to just come by and use his house as a back drop it was very harmful to Ricardo on how he felt on the inside.


I think that the message the author was trying to get across with the theme was that even if you see something and it doesn't mean much to you that it may still mean a lot to someone else and by doing certain thing such as just using it as a back drop for a picture could really upset them because to them it means so much more than just a backdrop in someone picture and that you should respect what the think about what your doing.