PADLET Session

April 7, 2016

Inquiry Process

Padlet is web based tool that can be used throughout the Inquiry Process.

Gathering and Organizing: Have students gather data and information in the form of pictures, text, voice, or links to websites and post on a group Padlet.

Formulating Questions:Students can post their relevant questions to the topic on a class Padlet in order to focus their inquiry.

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Other applications for Padlet

Exit Tickets: A quick and easy way to see what students have learned. Post a question and have students respond digitally.

Special Education/ESL: For students that experience difficulty with writing, students can record their responses with their voice, or through pictures to contribute their ideas and 'wonderings' throughout the lesson.

Homework: Students can log on anytime, either by scanning the QR code, or typing in the address. Ideas are recorded and saved for you to use as evidence of learning.
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