By: Nidhi and Alice

Government, Economy, and GDP

Laos's government is a communist government, which has a prime minister and a president. The prime minister of Laos is Thongsing Thammavong. The president is Choummaly Sayason.

The economy of Laos is rapidly growing, though it is still a relatively poor country. Most of it's rural citizens can barely grow enough food to barely feed their families and themselves.

The GDP of Laos is 1,660.71 US dollars.

Map, Neighbors, and Flag of Laos

Laos's neighbors are Thailand, Myanmar (also called Burma), China, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Laos is situated in Southeast China. It is landlocked, which means it does not have direct access to large bodies of water.

Literacy Rates and Infant Mortality Rates

The infant mortality rate of Laos is 54 deaths out of 1000 live births.

The literacy rates of Laos are not as high as they could be, but they are still pretty high. The adult literacy rate is 72.7%.