Battle of Dunkirk

By Albert Medina

The Battle of Dunkirk

The Battle of Dunkirk happened between May 24 and June 4th of 1940. It took place in Dunkirk northern France. A battle between the Allies and Germany. The battle was a rescue mission of the retreating army in France. Boats crossed the English Channel raced to save troops in Northern France. Boats ranged from small boats to large ships. About 300,000 solders where saved during those 12 days. Casualties were about 68,000 British, 290,000 French, and 27,074 Germans. The Germans won the land but didn't defeat the army. Tough to say who won the battle.

General Lord Gort

General Gort served in WWI at the Battle of the Canal du Nord and won the Victoria Cross. Later in the 1930's he served as Chief of the Imperial Staff. In WWII he sent the British Expeditionary Force to France and was rescued at Dunkirk. After the war he served as High Commissioner of Palestine