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District Provided PD Opportunities and Flex PD Information/Guidelines

Listed below are District Provided PD Opportunities for the 2017-2018 school year. At the end of the list is information and guidelines for completion of Flex PD requirements.

This list will be revised as additional opportunities become available.

Please contact Teresa Fulk if you have any questions.

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23rd- Back to School Technology Playdate

Ready to learn all of the latest and greatest trends in Instructional Technology? Come to Back to School Technology Camp. This one day PD session will offer all 6 hours of Flex PD. To register, click here.


17th - Spring Technology Playdate

Learn all of the latest and greatest in Instructional Technology that representatives from our district bring back information learned from the MACUL conference. This one day PD session will offer all 6 hours of Flex PD. To register, click here.
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Apple Teacher

Increase your proficiency with your iPad and/or Macbook and become an Apple Teacher! Earn badges and share your proficiency with the world! For additional information, please visit: https://www.apple.com/education/apple-teacher/


EduPaths is a professional development portal for ALL Michigan Educators. EduPaths courses are aligned with school improvement framework, multi tiered systems of support, and designed to expand understanding on a wide variety of topics. Courses are available online and are completely self-paced. They are intended to help educators to personalize their own learning plan anytime and anyplace.

For additional information, please visit: https://edupaths.org/

Professional Learning Library

Did you know that we have been recording and achieving After School Flex PD sessions? You can complete any of the Flex PD sessions located in the Professional Learning Library for credit.
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Flexible Professional Development Information and Requirements

Flexible Professional Development

Flexible Professional Development is designed to offer staff members an opportunity to individualize their on-going learning and professional growth, which is mandated by state school law. It is intended to differentiate to the various needs and interests of our professional staff.

Flexible Professional Development Guidelines

The focus for Flexible Professional Development activities should match up with the following questions:

  • “Does it serve to increase student achievement and delivery of instruction?
  • “Does it align with your building school improvement plan?”

Parameters of Flexible Professional Development:

  • The activity must take place outside of the staff member’s contractual hours.
  • All P.D. activities must be pre-approved in writing by the building principal/supervisor no later than the first Monday in February. Activities can occur after that date, but must be pre-approved by the first Monday in February. Summer P.D. activities must be pre-approved in writing by the building principal/supervisor by the Friday following the last student day.
  • Each P.D. activity must be a minimum of one (1) hour per the State of Michigan.
  • Travel time may not be used for P.D. hours.
  • The P.D. activity must be related to the work assignment. (Activities such as coaching workshops, personal finance, real estate etc. are examples of activities not included.)
  • College or University coursework will be allowed if paid for by staff member.
  • Workshops will be allowed if after school and paid for by staff member.
  • Any activity for which the State of Michigan Board of Education grants Continuing Education Units qualifies as a flexible PD activity.
  • Leave of absence of anything less than one (1) year will not reduce or eliminate the six (6) hour flexible PD requirement.
  • All completed Flex PD Plan/Logs must be entered into the School Finance Portal on or prior to the first Monday in May.
  • Flexible PD Plan/Logs must consist of activities that are not considered part of normal work responsibilities. (e.g. lesson planning, classroom preparation, material searching.)
  • Where appropriate, time must be validated by a signed time sheet, or a workshop agenda that lists detailed hours/minutes.
  • The six (6) Flexible Professional Development hours cannot be counted toward the ninety (90) hour requirement for new teachers by the state of Michigan.
  • Building principals must verify that Flexible PD plan activities meet state requirements for professional development.
  • Non-completion of Flex PD Plan/Logs will result in a one day deduction from the final paycheck of the school year contract.

Examples of Allowable Flexible Professional Development (this list is not all inclusive):

  • Projects (e.g. unit development, Differentiated Instruction, assessment development etc.) (Recent examples include: Summer ELA curriculum work or HS/MS Sped Inclusion work- If opting to receive Flex PD instead of a stipend)
  • Study Groups (book study discussion, action research, study of student work, e.g. establish anchor papers or benchmark papers)
  • Conferences occurring outside contractual time (MiELA)
  • District provided PD (see list above) and AAESA Workshops
  • Distance Learning