Napoleon as the Emperor of France

By Jordan Roberts

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Napoleons Start to Emperor

Napoleon was different from others. The reason he is so powerful in the revolution was because his parents sent him to boot camp when he was younger and in 1799 he seized power in France and in 1804 he crowned himself emperor .

Napoleons as Emperor

After napoleon crowned himself king in 1804 he then went and fought many wars he was victorious with many of his 14 wars but he did not win all of them he was defeat by Russia,Britain and Haiti.

"You must nor fight too often with one enemy,or you will teach him all your art of war"

what napoleon is saying is if you are defeated by one enemy deal with it because if you fight him again he will know all of your tricks.

Napoleons Defeat

Napoleon was very powerful during the french revolution. He had a big part in making France what it is today. What he did wrong though was he let the power get to his head and he turned himself into a dictator people of France did not like that. So they put him in Elba and he was not able to go back because Elba was in the middle of the sea


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