Driving a 9350 case ih stieger

Over the summer I did a lot of tractor driving. But this tractor made my summer, I got to drive one of the biggest tractors we own with the buggy. I got to drive it to the bin where I unloaded it. I went down the road and took up most of it so no cars were going to be passing me.

showing cows

This is a picture of me and my calf in Lindsay for the summer show. I also went to Orono and got two seconds and a third. i am going to Lindsay fair again and showing my calf and i will be getting judged for how well my calf looks and how i show it off. if i do good i will be going to the royal which is the biggest show in Ontario.

driving case ih 155 puma

i spent a lot of time on this case ih 155 puma. i spread liquid manure with it and solid manure. but what i did most with it was baling hay and straw. i baled over 1500 bales which are ether hay or straw and then i had to collect some of them.

Lake St Peter

Sunday, Aug. 9th, 4pm to Tuesday, Aug. 11th, 11:45pm

Lake St Peter, ON, Canada

Lake Saint Peter, ON

Over the summer holiday I was able to go to a cottage on lake st peter. I got to go swimming, fishing but my favourite activity was tubing. since I am the oldest boy cousin I was the craziest there so my little cousins didn't want to go with me.