How to Keep a Computer Healthy

Meredith, Alma, & Cassie

Cleaning the Keyboard

  • unplug the Keyboard
  • turn computer over and slightly shake to get rid of dust particles
  • use a can of air to blow out crumbs
  • use a lint free cloth or towel gently over the keys
  • reconnect the computer

Dealing with Liquid

  • Quickly shut down computer and disconnect components
  • turn upside down and let liquid drain

cleaning the mouse

  • unplug mouse- shut down computer before unplugging
  • use a lint free rag of cloth on the top of the mouse-the case
  • if you have a mechanical mouse remove the tracking ball
  • wipe tracking ball with a lint free cloth with rubbing alcohol

Cleaning Monitor

  • shut down computer
  • unplug monitor/computer from outlet and other objects
  • use a cloth with water and gently wipe screen

cleaning other surfaces

  • use a lint free cloth to lightly dust computer case
  • use a Can of Air to remove crumbs and lint


  • make sure u do not block airways around computer system


  • Malware is any type of software that is designed to damage your computer or gain unauthorized access to your personal information
  • the best way to not have this happen to get an anti-virus

Power button won’t start your computer?

  • take note if errors messages pops up and it may be useful if someone had the same problem.
  • Make sure your computer is plugged or charged up
  • brightness is up
  • restart your computer
  • check cables