RMS Weekly Event Calendar

January 29 - February 2

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What's going on at RMS?

In my reading this week, I came across something that reminded me of the importance of working as a team. The following was written by Chuck Swindoll in his book, The Finishing Touch.

Nobody is a whole chain.

Each one is a link.

But take away one link and the chain is broken.

Nobody is a whole team.

Each one is a player.

But take away one player and the game is forfeited.

Nobody is a whole orchestra.

Each one is a musician.

But take away one musician and the symphony is incomplete.

You guess it.

We need each other.

You need someone and someone needs you!

Isolated islands we're not.

It takes each of us in our individual roles to build a successful school. As we grow in our profession, we continue to strengthen the chain the binds us together and grows our school stronger. However, when a link is missing or a link becomes weak, it decreases the capacity of the entire chain.

Therefore, let us always encourage and support each other. Let us work together to strengthen and build capacity in others around. Let us always reflect on how our decisions impact the strength of our chain, and let us always realize that "alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much!"

Each and every one of you is important and we could not do "school" without you! Have an awesome week at RMS!

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RMS Scholars Bowl

A big congratulations goes our to the RMS Scholars Bowl team and their coach, Ms. Bates. They went undefeated on Saturday and are now headed to state! Congratulate these students and coach when you see them!
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RMS Mentoring Schedule

This week we will be focusing on "Growth Mindset" with our students and what they can do to increase their capacity for growth.

Monday - Growth Mindset Writing Activity - Students will write about what they struggle with in class and how they can use these struggles to grow.

Tuesday - Growth Mindset Learning Reflection - Students will write about a recent classroom lesson and rate their effort and attention.

Wednesday - Growth Mindset Assignment Reflection - Students will write about a recent classroom and rate their effort and the quality of their work.

Thursday - Growth Mindset Vocabulary - Students will define growth mindset words.

Friday - Growth Mindset Vocabulary - Students will continue to define growth mindset words and go over the definitions as a class.

Monday, January 29

  • Scantron Winter Assessment - Reading

Tuesday, January 30

  • Barry Wiginton with Technology in Motion will be here today.

Wednesday, January 31

  • Scantron Winter Assessment - Math
  • AdvancED Committee Meeting - Media Center - Immediately after school.

Thursday, February 1

  • National Junior Honor Society Practice - 8th grade NJHS inductees will practice during 7th period.

Friday, February 2

  • National Junior Honor Society Induction - RCS Auditorium - 8:30 a.m.