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Five Guidelines For Buying a Car

Guidelines For Buying a Car

The last day of the year is a good time to buy a car because dealers have to get rid of the accumulated stock and offer models with even better discounts.

However, the purchase of the vehicle has so many variables that sometimes is not easy to discern the chosen model, and what is worse, with the budget we have. Do any of these guidelines can offer then adjusted to ensure the needs and desires purchase.

1 - To begin, first of all you must define the budget that we have, more or less, and make sure that we will adhere to it. The salesperson's job is to get you to buy a bigger better car, or more expensive, better equipped, but if you do not need will be wasting money and time are not for that. See more in its Italian version revisioni moto roma

2 - The second point before going to the dealer or browse online is to assess what kind of vehicle we need: sedan, minivan, family ... This is critical to avoid exceeding the initial budget, ie, that do not be fooled by the advertising and fashion.

3 - The third key point of the vehicle is its engine. Currently, petrol models equipped with modern engines, very content consumption, I spend very little and eventually compensated. Moreover, in most gasoline vehicles maintenance is cheaper than the equivalent diesel version, often have fewer breakdowns and also repair them is cheaper. And driving is different and these odors and uncomfortable vibrations of diesel avoided.

Also keep in mind when choosing which account for over 100hp diesel force fuel the same horses. This is an important fact to keep in mind because it actually moves the car's torque, not horsepower. We also recommend that you opt for small displacement engines with stop / start technology to save fuel.

4 - A point where we usually itching, and greatly increases the price, is in the equipment. You always need to invest in security, more airbags, better. The ABS, ESP and the pressure gauge and the tires are mandatory in all new cars, which must be included in the price of our new car. Other highly recommended, and always should require, control systems are blind and hands-free phone system. Calls xenon headlights if you many miles at night, because they provide great security, but do not usually travel on roads without lighting will not make much needed.

But be careful with the optional. That's where the price is expensive. Better a fixed one portable browser, the sunroof is not advisable for very clearly that, nor the sophisticated music equipment ... If the selected drive does not offer standard alloy wheels do not worry, you will save good money, but less cool aesthetic.

5 - Once you are clear about the car you want, first you have to compare prices on the Internet, it is also advisable to visit several dealers. You can save a few euros if you opt for a vehicle called the kilometer zero.

Now, at the end of the year, this type of car dealerships abound. These are units that are already registered but are not used. Usually have vehicles on display at the dealership and urges them to sell. Or cars that incentives for the brand have had to automatricular without actually having a buyer. These "kilometer zero" should not be confused with the model pre-owned vehicles that are less than 2,000 km, in general.

If you are going to finance it, is best done with the brand though consiguieras your bank give you the necessary credit. Also, many brands offer additional discounts if the operation is done with the financial brand that also tends to have some criteria to accept far less rigid than a bank transaction.

With insurance follows the same pattern, check out the comparators that abound on the Internet, you provide very clear evidence of how the market in this regard. But beware, in this case also keep in mind also the type of insurance you want to do from the beginning, if all risk, or duty, or others. A franchise allows you to significantly reduce the price it will cost you some money each repair, but do not affect when a very fat repair. But that depends on your level of accidents.
In short, if you want to purchase your vehicle will not go budget, think what your real needs are, she thinks based on what kind of car you really need and always stick to those criteria. Do not let the seller you impose your judgment, because that will cost you a lot of money and will not let you purchase finally at ease