Language Meal Appetizers

Kevin Chang, Luke Landin


A system of communication through speech, a collection of sounds that a group of people understand and have the same meaning.

-English, Chinese, Spanish.


Literary Tradition

A system of written communication

-English, Mandarin Chinese, Russian



Regional variety in language where vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation is different.

-Difference in pronunciation of sounds between Northern U.S. and Southern U.S. (Y'all, Caramel)



A boundary that separates regions in which different language usages predominate.

-Belgium speaks Dutch in the north while south speaks French.


Extinct Language

Language no longer used.

-Greenlandic Norse, Latin



System of writing in Asian countries where the symbols represent ideas not sounds.



Isolated Language

Language unrelated to any language and is not part of any language family.

-Korean-Does not have similar characteristics to any living language


Official Language

Language used by the government for business and publication of documents.

-Spanish used by Mexico


Pidgin Language

A form of speech adopted so people between two languages can communicate.

-Chinese Pidgin English-bridge between Chinese and English


Standard Language

Language used for government business, education and mass communications.

-German is the standard language of Germany/Mandarin Chinese in China.