Luis Alberto Urrea

class presentation

About Luis Alberto Urrea

Born in Tijuana Mexico in 1955 . Son of a Mexican father and American mother .Urrea wrote novels like , "The Hummingbird's Daughter" and "Queen of America" , Urrea tells the story of his great-aunt, Teresita Urrea, who was known as "The Saint of Cabora" and "The Mexican Joan of Arc". Won awards like American Book Awards, Edgar Award for best short story, Lannan Literary Aware of Nonfiction.

The hummingbird's Daughter

"Teresita is not an ordinary girl. Born of an illiterate, poor Indian mother, she knows little about her past or her future. She has no idea that her father is Don Tomas Urrea, the wild and rich owner of a vast ranch in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. She has no idea that Huila, the elderly healer who takes Teresita under her wing, knows secrets about her destiny."

T-The unknown heritage nor from were to be from no to what traditions to fallow.

P-The typical Chicano struggle two parents whit different believes and cultures and one child who does not know were to look for guidance.

C- The use of words like Illiterate to refer to a uneducated human being .

A- questionable and understood because being daughter of a humble woman and the daughter of a rich men , this representing two different ideas.

S-from that her mother is just a servant and her father a rich man of Sinaloa.

T-it shows the ideas of two cultures.

Gloria Anzaldua

Her panting express precisely what she wanted to say . Showed the Chicano movement that is two culture come into one .

Gloria E. Anzaldua

“Though we tremble before uncertain futures
may we meet illness, death and adversity with strength
may we dance in the face of our fears"


Both the story of Luis Alberto Urrea and the poem of Gloria E. Anzadua reflect the difficult times of kids who's parent are Mexican and american . And shows that even them don't have a model to look up to. Because it is between two countries with different life style and culture.

By: Teresa Almaraz M.