The Westwood Ranch Gazette

Vol # 1 Issue # 2

Sheriff Ellis, PrinciPAL

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We have come soooooooo far together and are on the right path of academic excellence. In two years we have gained +21.3 points, making Westwood a Louisiana Top Gains School and changing a letter grade 2gether to name a few accolades….WOW 2 US! In order to stay on the right track, we need to continue to provide high quality instruction our scholars deserve. In maintaining high quality instruction, we need to do our part by arriving on time, being well versed in our planning, and providing meaningful rigorous instruction. When planning, make sure that manipulatives are being used as a concrete component that is aligned in our district and state curriculum. Maintaining the BEST attitude for our cowboys and cowgirls is the only way that we will continue growth.

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From Marshal French - Instructional Coordinator

Observation 101

During the school year you will basically have at a minimum two observations.

I revisited the pre conference questionnaire to make it more informative and user friendly.

It is a good practice just to have this as a ready reference when you are preparing for an observation or evaluating yourself. If you keep these questions in the forefront then you will be prepared for an observation.

These are the questions that you should ask yourself:

What do you want students to know and be able to do by the end of the lesson?

  • How will this lesson address the Common Core standards, and / or learning objectives and performance indicators?

How will you differentiate instruction to see the needs of all learners in your classroom?

As you reflect on the lesson, to what extend were students productively and intellectually engaged in learning (post conference)?

How will you engage students in their learning?

  • What will you be doing?
  • What will students be doing?
  • What materials, technology, and supports will you use during the lesson?

How will you design your lesson to ensure it is coherent in terms of learning activities.

How will you assess students throughout the lesson and at closure to ensure that the lesson objective have been met.

  • Why have you selected this assessment(s) for this lesson?

How will you establish / use performance criteria in the assessment.

Are there any particular issues in terms of students, curriculum, instruction that you would like me to be aware of?

From the Reading Rodeo

Marshals Voorhies & Nelson

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Rti/ Referral

Howdy Partners,

In our last deep dive, many were confused with groups and tiers. Below is the pyramid to help you understand the tier process and how it relates to RTI and the SBLC process.

Also, next week is mock testing week. This will be a great opportunity to progress monitor. Because there is a lot of testing, you may want to do your DIBELs or Maze on one day after mock testing, Cap on one day, and Computation on another day. The choice is yours, but it must ALL be turned in by March 24 @3 PM. As always, Reading Rodeo appreciates all you do to make RTI a smoother process.

From Marshal Daniels - Counselor


State Assessments are Just Around the Corner!

In preparation for annual state assessments, a compilation of frequently asked questions and corresponding answers about Spring 2016 assessments is presented below:


1. How will the LEAP tests be administered in Spring 2016?

Paper and Online: The delivery mode of 2015-2016 spring assessments in grades 3–8 is included in the table below. Districts had the option to administer grades 3–8 math and ELA assessments either as paper-based (PBT) or computer-based tests (CBT) and notified the Department of their decision in late February.

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1. Will the assessments be timed?

Paper and Online: Grades 3–8 math and ELA test sessions will be timed for students without IEPs, IAPs, or LEP plans that indicate extended time accommodations. Session testing times can be found in the LEAP Assessment Guides. Please note, the times allowed already include additional cushion for students who need to check their work or for students who need slightly more time (e.g., if the field test data shows that a session will take students 60 minutes to complete, 90 minutes are allowed for completion of the session).

2. Will there be a specific testing schedule?

Paper: Yes, all districts must administer the test according to the schedule below.

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1. Will students be able to mark or take notes in the consumable test booklets?

Paper: In the consumable test booklets, students will be able to do the following:

• Use yellow non-carbon highlighters in the text and questions

• Make annotations and underline the assessment’s text with their pencils

• Annotate in the questions and answer choices with their pencils while using caution around actual bubbles and answer grids.

From Marshal Fuggins - Discoveries

Amazing Shake Competition!

Students from each of the ten schools in Caddo Parish Transformation Zone prepared themselves and competed in the Amazing Shake competition over the past few weeks.

The competition had different rounds that provided students with the opportunity to display their social skills in different situations.

On one round the students read from a teleprompter and conducted a newscast that was recorded by the local news companies. What an experience for a cowboy/cowgirl to have!

On one round the students meet with local attorneys and display their social and skills within conversation. An outstanding networking and mentoring opportunity for our cowgirls / cowboys!

On the latter competition the top two students were selected from each of the campuses.

The students were scored on their handshake, eye contact, communication, and ability to answer an interview questions that was posed by the attorneys.

As stated by Billy Snow, District Transformation/Innovation Officer, “Our focus is communication and leadership skills so we want our kids to learn those skills….. when you think about this experience…. it builds their confidence, their self esteem.”


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Eric Thomas - Motivational Speaker - Nothing Funny

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