Early Childhood Educators at GISD

November 14, 2014

Building our program

You may have heard word that we will be experiencing a Federal Monitoring visit this year. In fact, we can expect this every year from now on. A big focus of monitoring this year for all programs is health and safety - so you should not be surprised to see us to spend extra care in preparing to prove that we meet all expectations in this area.

As you know, two critical areas for health and safety are transportation safety and food/sanitation procedures. We will be offering additional opportunity for training in these areas along with feedback to staff to correct non-compliance.

In addition, as a part of our internal on-going monitoring cycle, you can expect to see "walk-throughs" on a regular basis by our management team, Rich VanTol or me on a regular basis. Although the things we focus on will vary, my main goal will always be to experience your environment with the eyes and ears of a parent or child. What do your students and parents experience as they enter your building, as they enter your class?

Thank you for the work you do day after day - it doesn't go unnoticed! I am honored to be part of your team. Sue Fleming

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