Principal Weekly Update

March 14-18

Dear Welchester Community,

World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser was a HUGE success! We sold over $11,000 worth of chocolate! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the support!

All of the students in grades 3-5 in Colorado participate in standardized testing each spring.

Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) tests are given in reading, writing and math in grades 3-5 to test whether students have achieved the standards at their grade level. 4th and 5th grade may also take Social Studies or Science. The tests are used by our school and district to determine strengths and areas of need for our instructional programs.

The best preparation for testing in the rigorous instruction your child has received throughout the year in his/her classroom. Through our own classroom based assessments, we know that many of our students have been proficient in learning the academic content at their grade level. We are also preparing our students for state testing by helping them develop test taking strategies and by familiarizing them with the format of the tests-two areas that sometimes get in the way of students demonstrating what they know.

The test schedule is available on our school website:

Most testing will be Tuesday-Thursday from 8:15 AM-12PM. Please work to ensure your child arrives to school on time during this period. Students who arrive to school after testing begins may need to do make up testing if testing has already begun. This is to ensure a quiet, standardized testing environment. Additionally, we have tried to schedule testing at times to minimally interfere with our regular daily schedule. Please make note of your child’s testing times and please try not to schedule appointments for your child during this time.

Please take an opportunity to speak to your child about the test experience. It is important that children approach the test with seriousness and confidence. We count on your support in the following ways:

  • Please help alleviate any anxieties your child may have about the testing and encourage them to take the test seriously and to put in their best effort.

  • Please ensure your child eats a wholesome, nutritious breakfast each day.

  • Please ensure your child is rested and ready to do his/her best work.

If you have any questions about testing, please feel free to call or email your child's teacher


Upcoming Dates:

March 21-25- SPRING BREAK

March 28- No School (non contact day)

March 29- Science Fair, 5:30-6:30 PM

April 6- PTA Meeting, 5:30

April 21- Multicultural Night

April 22- No School (non contact day)

May 6- Flex testing day (by appointment)

In Partnership,

Bethany Robinson

Kids and Sleep

We hear from a lot of our kids about their use of devices at night. Students even report that they are up long after their parents and watching videos all night- until 2-3 in the morning! Students have reported watching inappropriate videos (Huggy Wuggy) late at night and the material is often inappropriate without adult supervision as it often leads to questions from students because they can't make sense of what they are seeing.

Strategies to Curb Screen Time:

Lack of sleep doesn’t just make children more tired the next day — it also makes them less productive, more likely to become depressed, and less motivated in school. Another recent study suggests that children who stay up late using screens tend to have higher body mass indexes on average.

For all of these reasons, it’s recommended that parents have strategies in place to curb children’s screen time and get them to bed at a reasonable hour. Education is a great place to start: many kids see sleep as an inconvenient eight hours when they can’t play computer games or watch Netflix, but parents can teach them the importance of a good night’s sleep simply by explaining the consequences of lack of sleep.

Because education alone isn’t likely to completely curb the temptation of screens, it’s good to have some rules in place around screen use at bedtime. We recommend:

  • •Keeping phones, TVs, and game systems out of children’s bedrooms.

  • •Stopping screens an hour before bed to ensure that kids have time to wind down.

  • •Having an established bedtime routine that doesn’t involve screen time.

  • •Ensuring that kids are getting enough physical activity during the day to be tired in the evening.

Screens are one of parents’ greatest adversaries in the battle to get kids to bed on time, but smart strategies and clear communication with your children can both help. If your kids continue to struggle with lack of sleep, talk to your pediatrician about further steps you can take.


JSEL Registration

JSEL Registration is open now! Dates are June 6- July 15.

For more information, please click here.

This month- Principle 5: Transform Negativity

We are practicing transforming challenges into opportunities, complaints into solutions and negative energy into positive achievement. Help our students by turning "I can't", into "I can"!

Mining for Talent: Golden Community Talent Show

Come see Golden's talent on Saturday, March 12th at Golden High School! More information is available at:

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