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September 2022

And we're off!

For many of you, next week marks the official start to the new school year. First time preschoolers will enter your doors eager to play, meet new friends, and see what this "school thing" is all about. Some might be hesitant, shy, sad, and leery- not quite sure about this change from being the center of their adults' world to sharing it with a group of same-aged strangers.

YOU provide the calm they need, the excitement for learning, and the igniting of new friendships. What you do is so important. Never forget you are brain architects; you truly do shape the future!

EnJOY! ~Joyce, Brenda & Shelley

GOLD & IGDIs checkpoint dates

Screening windows and checkpoint dates

Preschool Adult-Child Ratios

Still 1:10 in SWVPP Programs

First Aid & Pediatric CPR

We've had some questions concerning First Aid and Pediatric CPR. As you know, it is a requirement that at least one trained person is with preschool children at all times. There are some online trainings available for part of it. Here is some information about one:

  • Search for "AEA Learning System" under AEA Learning Online Quick Links on this link. Log in to your account and then search for "CPR". There is an American Red Cross First Aid/Pediatric CPR link there to sign up with. You will then need to "test out" with an instructor after the training.

Some of you have reached out asking how to "test out" for your CPR and First Aid certification. This survey is to see what the need is and if this is something NWAEA could assist with. While no one on staff would be able to do this, there is the possibility of setting up a "test out" time in a central location with a certified trainer. There could possibly be a small fee associated with this as well. Please fill out this for to let us know if this is something we should pursue.

SWVPP Preschool Book of the Month Club!

Registration is open! Act fast- the deadline is Sept. 15th.

Here’s how to sign-up!

1. Complete this form to sign up by Sept. 15th

Northwest AEA - this form

Prairie Lakes AEA - this form

2. You’ll receive an email verifying your membership.

3. The week of Sept 19th, you’ll receive your first Book of the Month Club box on the AEA van.

4. As a reminder, you’ll receive a packing list. Please return all books in the box by the due date.

5. Return the box by the end of October and we’ll send a second box to you. After that, boxes will be checked out for a month.

Social Emotional Tips & Supports

Preschool SEL Foundation Principles

New this summer! This document shows what the four fundamental foundational principles are in early childhood in regards to social and emotional learning (SEL), what the approaches are to SEL, emphasizes that SEL is integrated within a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS), and demonstrates how the Iowa Early Learning Standards (IELS) aligns w/ K-12 social emotional competencies.

All About My Child

Relationships are important, especially those between you and your students, and their families. This All About My Child tool can assist you in learning more about each student in your classroom. Knowing children's likes and interests can help you set up your classroom in ways that are engaging for all.

Greeting Choices

Another way to build relationships is by offering a choice for greeting. Here's a greeting choice board already made to assist.

Book Nooks for SEL

Scroll down to the Book Nook drop down arrow to find MANY resource guides connected to books found in preschool programs.

STEM Tips & Supports

STEM Storybook Reading- Book Nooks for Math

Welcome to STEMIE's curated collection of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) storybooks for infants, toddlers, and young children.

Components of Number Sense in Preschool

From Build Math Minds with Christina Tondevold

Upcoming Northwest AEA Early Childhood Professional Development Opportunities

Building Strong Readers Right from the start

Our annual Fundamentals of Infant Toddler Success or FITS training will focus on early literacy this year! If you work or live with infants or toddlers and want to know more about early literacy, then this training is for you! Click HERE to register or on the flyer to learn more. You may attend one of all four of these workshops; you just need to register for each prior to attending.

Project Based Learning in Early Childhood- virtual opportunities

Hosted by Central Rivers AEA staff: "In hopes of encouraging more authentic learning opportunities in early childhood, we've invited Sarah Lev and Amanda Clark from Early Childhood Project Based Learning to lead a workshop on PBL and their book Implementing Project Based Learning in Early Childhood: Overcoming Misconceptions and Reaching Success." Here is the registration link.

Intentional Teacher 2022!

Many districts are doing a deeper dive into literacy. Because of that, we want to share what that looks like in preschool settings. This year, we will be learning about the Science of Reading and building literacy skills in young children. You will again have a choice between two face-to-face dates, then join us in three Zoom sessions as we go into further learning regarding aspects of literacy in preschool settings. Click HERE or on the flyer to learn more.

Observation & Assessment of Young Children

Teachers and para educators, reserve your seats early! This course begins in January of 2023. Click HERE or on the flyer for more information.

Centering on Centers 2023

Our 28th Annual Centering on Centers will feature Cari Ebert! If you don't know Cari or haven't yet heard her speak, you will definitely want to attend this conference. Click on the flyer or Facebook page to learn more.

Fun fact- she's a University of Iowa grad!!

MTSS Coach Day- Dec. 15th

This course is open to anyone whose role is to support MTSS implementation in their building and/or district. The day will be filled with new learning and collaboration across content areas. Click HERE to register.

2 day autism training

Classroom Strategies for students with ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder is a training that focuses on strategies to help students with Autism thrive in K-12 general education classrooms. This course is designed for general education teachers, special education teachers, special education strategists, paraprofessionals, administrators and other school staff members. You will better understand ASD, identify classroom strategies that promote successful learning, develop classroom tools/resources that promote successful learning and implement strategies that promote successful learning.

Please see the attached flyer for more information and to register!

Northwest AEA Early Childhood PD Plan 2022-23

Here you have access to professional development designed specifically for early childhood staff for the 2022-23 school year.

Connections is shared monthly on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays

This publication alerts you to resources and professional development occurring at Northwest AEA. Check it out (or look for it in your Inbox).

Early Childhood State Coordinating Team

The Iowa Department of Education has regular meetings with early childhood representatives from across the state as a way of sharing information from the DE, listening to our voices and concerns, and collaborating with each other to create solutions.

PD opportunities in the state of iowa & internationally (see below)

Iowa AEYC Institute

Join the Iowa Association for the Education of Young Children on September 30-October 1 (pre-institute workshops on September 29). We are thrilled to be back in person and will be at a new location this year - Holiday Inn Des Moines-Airport. Hear from keynote speakers Rachel Giannini on Friday and Dr. Adolph Brown, III on Saturday! Visit the IowaAEYC website for additional information including member registration instructions. Contact Anne Geiger, or 515-331-8000 ext. 122 with any questions. Workshop selection tools are available on the IowaAEYC website and click here to register!

Iowa BEST Summit

This event will be held Oct. 10-11, 2022 at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines. BEST stands for Behavioral, Equitable, Social-Emotional, Trauma-Informed Health in Schools. Click on the Iowa BEST link to register or to learn more.

Additional Info

Welcoming Week- September 9-18, 2022

Check out this website to learn more:

Iowa State Extension & Outreach

Check out the September through November newsletter shared by ISU Extension & Outreach. There is online training called "ACT Raising Safe Kids," Childcare Provider trainings, and more. The ACT Raising Safe Kids program teaches positive parenting skills to parents and caregivers of children birth to age 8.
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