Math Weekly Update

Week of 3/23-3/27

Math 7- Greenberg, Haddock, and Porter

We will be working with reviewing scale factor which is material we ended with right before spring break. The goal is to remind students of the activities from a few weeks ago.

Math 7- Slaughter

We are going to spend this first week reviewing content that we have learned together so far this school year. This will include integers, expressions, equations and inequalities.

Math 8- Greenberg

We are going to be working with functions! We will dive into function tables, and identifying what makes a function. I have created various activities to introduce the topics, practice the topics, and hopefully show mastery on the topics. I am here if you have any questions or concerns! Please do not hesitate to reach out! Looking forward to learning with you virtually!

Math 8- Hill & Hobold

We are going to spend this first week learning about translations and reflections. Students will take a target check Thursday on translations and start reflections Friday.

Math 8- Taylor

We are going to spend the first week in Math 8 covering Systems of Equations, Slope, Exponents, Scientific Notation, Functions, Equations, Pythagoras, and Angles based upon the students learning profile in class.

Algebra- Haddock & Porter

We are going to be starting Chapter 9: Quadratic Equations and Functions. We will be working on sections 9-1 (Quadratic Graphs and Their Properties) and 9-2 (Quadratic Functions) for the entire week.

Algebra- Hobold

We are going to be finishing up our study of Chapter 9 in the next few weeks. This week we will focus on solving the quadratic formula.

Algebra- Taylor

We are going to finish Factoring and then the students are headed to the Quadratic Equations and Functions Unit.


We are going to spend Monday and Tuesday reviewing the area of polygons, trapezoids, rhombi, and circles. Wednesday - Friday we will be working on finding the area of regular polygons and composite shapes.

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