Our Nation's Security

-and what it needs to change.

The Lackadaisical Party

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Why this is an issue.

We are spending a whopping 683.7 billion dollars on our military. Do we really need to spend that kind of money on this anymore? Our military is top notch and nobody will want to cross the line with it, but instead of the stupid, excessive spending, we could actually use that money for a better purpose.

Why is this issue important?

Like we said, we could be using this money for a better purpose. Not to mention that we make other nations uncomfortable with having this incredibly excessive military.

On top of those issues, our nation seems to put itself in other countries business. We are sure that the other countries find this annoying and we should probably STOP DOING IT.

Why what our nation is doing is good... and bad.

The pros and cons of having an increased defense buildup would be like; how we would most likely deter anyone from attempting to attack, or invade us. But we are spending tons of money on it when we just don’t have to, instead of spending it on something else.

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What we should do.

Our party’s stance on this issue is that we should cool it with the crazy military spending and the whole, ‘get into other countries’ business,’ thing. A better defense would be to make friends with all these other countries and nations, and give them no reason to hate us. Wouldn't it be nice to have tons of friends to help us with our problems?

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