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Monday, May 4, 2015

From The Principal's Desk

Dear Parents

This week. we will be marking New Zealand Sign Language week with activities in class to help promote the importance of NZSL as an integral part of life at school. This is important not only to the families of deaf or hearing-impaired individuals within our learning community, but also in broader recognition of NZSL's status as the third official language of New Zealand. It is a fantastic opportunity for us all within the context of our 'Connected' value and offers excellent resources for learning more both at school and at home.

Further information on NZSL Week and simple, fun activities you can to try at home with your child can be found at the link below.


I'd like to take the opportunity of NZSL Week to highlight and acknowledge staff and families who continue to offer ongoing support, knowledge and expertise as advocates for NZSL. Particular thanks go to Monica Leach for organising deaf tutor workshops for the children this week, and also to the children of Syndicate 3, who you may catch a brief glimpse of in the NZSL Week TV ad this week!

Ka kite anō au i a koutou
Alan Jackson

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Absences, holidays and visits during term time

If your child needs to be away from school because they are sick, have an appointment or need to be at a tangi or funeral, please contact the school office directly at sandieo@titirangi.school.nz before it starts and let them know they’ll be away and for how long.

Please be reminded that family holidays should not ordinarily be taken during term time unless this is unavoidable (such as attending a significant family event overseas). If you do need to arrange an extended absence,, please note that this should be put in writing with the reasons for the trip or visit to the principal at: alanj@titirangi.school.nz


  • Syndicate 1 Stepping Out & Scoot Safe Week
  • Monday 04 May: Room 21 to Library Lites programme at Titirangi library.
  • Tuesday 05 May: Room 18 to Library Lites programme at Titirangi library.
  • BOT meeting in the Staffroom at 7.00 pm.
  • Thursday 07 May: Room 19 to Library Lites programme at Titirangi library.
  • Friday 09 May: Scholastic Book Club: Issue 3 orders close.
  • Pie lunch.
  • Mother's Day raffle draw.

School Notices

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Titirangi School is doing a Mother’s Day raffle! It is chock- o-block of goodies that your mum will love: like a coffee tin, lots of cooking materials, some Earl Grey tea, glass bowls and lots of wine! And guess what… You can win it!

How you can win it: Buy a raffle ticket or 2 or 3…

The raffle tickets will be sold between Tuesday 5th of May and Friday 8th of May. The cost is: $ 2.00 for 1 and $5.00 for 3.

Merit Awards

Congratulations to all of our TPS Merit Award winners this week!


This week is Road Safety Week.

Syndicate 1 will be taking part in a safety education program on how to walk safely along footpaths, crossing roads and buckling up when travelling by car.

This is a good opportunity for all parents and caregivers to follow up with discussions at home on what you can do to ensure the safety of not just your child/ren but all children.

So please remember…

· Always observe the parking restrictions near the school

· Ensure Children alight on to the footpath, not the road

· Always use the school patrol crossing

· Choose safety over convenience


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With the onset of winter there will not be so many opportunities to display the lost property that builds up at school. Therefore, it will be sorted and any items that are named will be returned to the children on a fortnightly basis. Items that are not identified will be donated to a charity.
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A great weekend of netball with all four teams coming away with a win.

Year 5

Kererus 22 Glenora Diamonds 4

The Kereus hunger for the ball and awesome team play won the Kereru's their first game of the season, the first grading game, with an impressive score. All players showed great enthusiasm in this entertaining game which promises a lot for the season ahead. Gabby van Rooyen was POD for amazing defence, and Ella Pedersen, who did a great job at bringing the ball down and played some fantastic passes to her teammates, was Most Improved Player.

Titirangi Fantails 3 v Laingholm Jets 2

Fantastic start to the season not just the win but ALL the girls played their hearts out including some who haven't played before. So it was a very hard decision to pick POD but this week it goes to Annie-Mae Cochrane who was awesome at intercepting the ball from start to finish in GD and GK.

Year 6

Keas 30 Pt Chev Green 0

The Keas turned up ready to play on Saturday. Their game was faultless as they manoeuvred the ball around the court effortlessly. The girls owned their space across defence, mid court and impressive shooting efforts. Awesome to see them working as a team, communicating to each other on the court and fast passing. POD was Harriet Race who had a fantastic game in WA feeding into the circle. Special note to Mia Cutler and Hadley Middleton who turned over many centre passes throughout the game.

Tuis 11 Bayfield Hotshots 3

The Tui’s fought hard, their defence was an impenetrable fortress resulting an eleven to three win against The Bayfield hotshots.

POD was Chloe Nicholson for great shooting


As you know the Entertainment Books have been sent home with your eldest child. Take a moment to have a look through as they full of great deals this year and you only need to redeem a couple of the coupons and they have paid for themselves. If you wish to purchase the digital version for your smartphone, please return the book to the office. You get the added advantage of using the digital version to tell you what is the closest to you when you are out looking for special deals. Right click the link below for more information.


Community Notices

I am looking for some help to take my girls, Sienna and Emilia Ward (Room 20 & 5) to school from 25th-30th May and 1st-5th June..Mornings only as I need surgery and am not able to drive for those two week. We are on Woodlands Park Road. Please contact me if you can help

email is withiel@hotmail.com and contact number 0274 816 931
happy to offer petrol/food voucher or wine/chocolate for assistance!
Kind regards,
Kate Ward

More for NZSL

If your organisation wishes to continue learning NZSL options include:

· Setting up a Think.Sign.Connect course tailored for your staff

· Visiting the online NZSL dictionary at www.nzsl.vuw.ac.nz

· Attending a community night class - www.nzslta.org.nz

· More options and resources found on www.deaf.org.nz

Remember, the best way to communicate with a Deaf person is to book a qualified NZSL interpreter.

Go to www.isign.co.nz

With thanks to:

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Barfoot & Thompson Titirangi Platinum Sponsor of Titirangi Primary School
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