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I was born in Orlando, Florida, I know live in Cherokee Village, Arkansas in a big house on !5 Navajo Trace. I live with my family, it consists of mom, dad, Jake (my big brother), and Jeremiah (my younger brother). My best friends are Cora Miller and Jamie Horton. My hobbies are reading, swimming, doing school stuff, and doing art. My interests are reading, art, school. Some of my skills are art, getting stuff done on time, sticking up for my friends. Some of my weaknesses are not being brave, and doing too much decorating. My career goals are to become a teacher, or with with mechanics, engineering, or robots. My life goals are to go to a good collage, graduate with many honors,and getting a good paying job(s).


We took a self-esteem test one day and I got a score of 41 out of 100. 100 was the highest self-esteem while 1 was the least . I was a bit surprised to see it that low. I expected a little more like a 50 or 60. My score means that i have a lower self-esteem than usual but it is still pretty high compared to others. I can improve my self-esteem by liking the grades I get, don't point out every mistake about myself, and stop comparing myself to others. A way to make it not got down any farther is to not compare my self to others, don't try to be the best (only better), and keep reminding myself that everyone has there own awesome stuff about them.
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