Think Different #32

Resources for the Week of SEPT 16, 2017

Sorry for my absence the past couple weeks

With the start of the semester, a new grandbaby and having to move my office on short notice, I have been a bit overwhelmed. But, the semester is off to a great start and I am moved into a different office on the floor below now (Bluemont 233). I am all settled, for the most part, just some pictures to hang and few boxes to unpack.

Now, back to my regular schedule.

Copyright Lessons for Students and Teachers

I frequently share resources from Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers, his blog is amazing and I learn from Richard every day, yes really, every day.

Free Technology for Teachers is a blog I read religiously. The past couple of days Richard has been dealing with a copyright infringement issue, another blog is coping his content word for word and reposting his articles as if they are their own.

I encourage you to explore Richard's article Copyright Lessons for Students and Teachers, posted yesterday, it is enlightening and I am sure will clarify many copyright issues and questions you may have about the topic.

Thank you, Richard, for always sharing your expertise. As an educator, it is always helpful, enlightening and most important helps me learn.

Sparklines are tiny charts, inserted in lines text

Sparklines are tiny charts, inserted in lines text. This tremendous free font from After the Flood, is an incredibly simple solution to delivering them. Just type the numbers you need, then set the line in the AtF Spark font.

To use Spark all you need is a font file, some text, and an application that can make use of OpenType Contextual Alternates, e.g., a new-ish web browser, Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator.

Spark data needs to be formatted as comma-separated values, with curly brackets at both ends of the set, e.g., {30,60,90}. You can also have numbers at the beginning and end of the set, which are useful for providing the start and end points, e.g., 123{30,60,90}456 – Spark has numerals built in.

With your data in the correct format, all you need to do is change the font and voilà, your date become a chart with your text.

Get the FONT here

The World’s Largest Lesson

The other day, Kansas educator Glenn Weibe, of History Tech shared a post on his blog about the World’s Largest Lesson. The goal of the Worlds Largest Lesson is simple – support and foster the idea of Sustainable Development Goals.

Glen said......

"Several years ago, a ton of world leadership folks got together and finalized 17 different things that will make the world a better place. They titled them the Sustainable Development Goals.

Basic stuff like zero hunger, quality education, reduced inequalities, peace and justice. Yeah. The biggies. Saving the world kinds of things.

The cool thing is that they also developed a plan for actually finding ways to make it happen. To follow through and find solutions.

Another cool thing?

They want kids to help. So they developed the World’s Largest Lesson. Yep. Teachers and kids around the world, working together to impact change. I knew a bit about the SDGs but the WLL was new to me."

Start by learning more about Sustainable Development Goals.

Thank you, Glenn (@glennw98) for sharing this wonderful opportunity for educators.

Check out the full story

5 simple things that can improve your videos.

iOS 11 A giant step for iPhone. A monumental leap for iPad.

iOS 11 sets a new standard for what is already the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. It makes iPhone better than before. It makes iPad more capable than ever. And now it opens up both to amazing possibilities for augmented reality in games and apps. With iOS 11, iPhone and iPad are the most powerful, personal, and intelligent devices they’ve ever been.

Learn about the new features

The Control Center looks and works differently in iOS 11 on both the iPhone and iPad. You can now customize the controls, adding in buttons with interesting new functions. Many controls will perform an immediate action when you tap them, but offer more options if you tap and hold. And 23 Things you may have missed in the announcement.